Connecting a tablet as video source to the ATEM Mini Pro

Hi, I’m trying to connect a samsung tab S6 lite to the Atem mini pro through a usb c to hdmi adapter, this method work for my phone (oneplus 8) but it doesn’t for the tablet. Any suggestion on the adapter I need to connect the tablet to have the video to the ATEM?

It’s possible that the tablet is outputting an odd framerate/resolution that the ATEM is not expecting.

Have you tried connecting the tablet to a TV and see what FR/Res is shows up as?

Hi John, thanks for your help. I just tried connecting directly the tablet to the TV and it doesn’t work either, with or without the HDCP splitter. But if I connect my OnePlus 8 it works so, at this point, I think is a problem of thw tablet. Any extra advice?