Companion to Stream Deck App - syncing

I used Companion to configure my Stream Deck buttons - hours of work saved there. I’d like to try out the Stream Deck app that I downloaded from Elgato. It doesn’t see any of my buttons.

How do I sync them or export from Companion and import into the Stream Deck app?

I don’t believe you can, you’d have to recreate your work in the Streamdeck app. Honestly, Streamdeck only does a fraction of what Companion does.

You clearly know more than me so I’ll have to believe you. But wow. That seems unbelievable. Everything else Elgato does seems really high quality. You’d think they’d allow import and export like Blackmagic does with the ATEM software. Right?

Companion is totally separate from the Stream Deck software; each can import and export their own files, but they’re not cross-compatible. There is a Stream Deck plugin to Control Companion, but I don’t think that does what you want.

If I’m understanding what you want, I think this video from Jon Barker (HereToRecord) will help - Companion + Official Stream Deck app - Side by side // Quick Tip - YouTube

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This is as close as we’re ever going to get! It’s not what I had hoped for, but you’re right. It is super helpful. Thank you!