Companion on Raspberry Pi4 w/ Stream Deck

Anyone here running BitFocus Companion on a Raspberry Pi4?

I’m curious if it can still work with an Elgato StreamDeck when running on an rpi. I like the idea of having a small dedicated device for companion the works independently from my main computer.

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I am running on the 8GB model and haven’t had any issues. I initially tried on the Pi3 and it worked, but it was a little sluggish. Once I went to the Pi4 8GB, it was night and day.

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They recommend a Pi 4 over a 3. I never tried with a 3, but I’ve been running it on a 4 for a couple months now and it works great!

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Is there a good guide somewhere for how to set this up ? I’m a complete pi novice but Aaron I watched your excellent video on how to make a pi streambridge and felt like I totally followed it. Is there any where a dumdum like myself could go to figure out how to set up a companion pi with similar step by step instructions ? Also how easy would it be to have a pi that could do both, work as a stream bridge and a companion controller. Not at the same time obviously, but that would be a handy tool to have depending on the set up.

It probably would work with both at the same time, the RTMP server doesn’t actually take much CPU.

I followed the official guide and it was pretty straightforward! If you’ve already set up one pi, you can probably figure it out from this guide.

Awesome thanks so much !!