Clean compact rig

Here is my rig I just put the finishing touches on. It was inspired by Caleb Pike’s rig as well as Aaron’s copy of it. I loved the simplicity of their ideas but felt I needed more stuff. So I made a two tiered system in a pelican 1490 laptop case. I have a raspberry Pi, a Travel Router and network switch as well as an HDMI Splitter and USB Power multiport all in the bottom layer with all the mess of wires that go with it. Then I created a top shelf that is neat and clean with a cutout for all the necessary wires to pass through. The top layer has the Atem Mini Pro as well as a Streamdeck, an old ipod for music at the start of a stream as well as an HDMI Switcher, that lets me switch input 4 on my atem from the output of the Raspberry Pi (which runs playoutbee) to the HDMI input on the back of the case. On the back of the case I Used keystone outlet plug inserts to be able to add all the connectivity I needed, but also if I need to add things or switch things out in the future I can just pop out the inserts and drop in what I need. I also added a keystone plate to the top layer- I plan to add some ports for things like usb connected to the Raspberry pi to be able to add files to it and a headphone jack run from the monitor. The top layer is attached to L brackets on the side of the case with magnets so Its strong enough to hold it steady when I carry it around but can be easily removed with a strong pull to access the stuff underneith when needed. The picture of the lower layer is of it in progress, I put all the components on a board so I could ziptie them all down and use staples and ties to clean up all the wiring. That board is attached to the bottom of the case again with magnets for a strong hold that can be removed when I need it to be.


This is so great! :clap::clap::clap: And dang that is a lot of stuff crammed into the case!

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Thats amazing ! what monitor is that ?

Thanks, it was really fun to put together. The monitor is the uperfect portable 13.3" . Its a great monitor, full HDMI input, powered over usb. It has mounting holes on the back so I was able to run a bolt right through the top of the case and into the back of the monitor to hold it on flush to the top of the case. Works great.

Thanks, It was quite a project to fit it all in. One thing I did that was super helpful is I made a version of it in photoshop with all the componenets to scale and I made arrows showing me which side the power and ports were on so I could just digitally move each piece around to figure out how to get it all to fit. I knew the cables would take up a lot of space, but I didn’t realize just how much. So I’m glad I left a lot of room open, but if I were to do it again I might leave even more space available or use a slightly bigger case.