CineEye 2 into Atem via iPhone/iPad - it does work

My original post is below the line but I’m just putting this at the top of the thread for clarity.

I managed to pick up a CineEye2 with a £50 discount so I thought it worth a gamble.

I’m happy to confirm that I’m able to transmit from my Sony camera’s HDMI OUT into the Accsoon CineEye2 and wirelessly to an iPhone and then via the Accsoon App use a clean HDMI into my ATEM Mini Extreme. It caught me out for a while as I couldn’t find the “clean output” option in the Accsoon App but if you touch the iPhone screen outside the selectable options all the selectable options disappear from view and the output is clean. Touch again restores all of the selectable options.

So, I’ve got a wireless camera into my Atem for £150 and the results are very good. I live in a 250 year-old house with very thick walls and the signal is coming from two rooms away with no dropouts. I haven’t yet looked at the latency but for my purposes I’m not worried about being a frame or three behind.

I hope this helps anyone wondering if it can be done.

[NB - it doesn’t work as well with my iPad as I haven’t yet found a way of getting a 16x9 image out of the iPads hdmi. The image is transmitted but with a black border - I’ll update if I resolve it]


Firstly I realise that there’s a simpler, but more expensive, solution with a Hollyland but I already have most of the kit to do this. I have several spare iPhones and an iPad with hdmi connections to my Atem Mini Extreme and I was considering making a Sony A6300 wireless for very occasional use.

I can’t really justify the £600 hollyland but the £200 Accsoon CineEye 2 (hdmi only) seems more justifiable.

If I understand it correctly the Accsoon App on the iPhone/iPad has a clean out option but I’d just like to know if this really does work as a non-regulated input to an Atem Mini (Extreme) before I invest. I’ve used Google extensively, I’ve looked on Atem fora, and I’ve looked on the Accsoon website, and its documentation, but I can’t find any confirmation.

So, does anyone know if this works?

Accsoon CineEye 2 it’s only meant to transmit the video signal to an iPhone it would not work for transmitting wireless video to an ATEM. You will need to buy a wireless video transmitter package with a transmitter and receiver to transmit video from your A6300 to the ATEM. I use the Accsoon CineEye 2S Pro but there is other options you just have to watch out for latency.

Accsoon CineEye 2S Pro - 1200’ 1080p60 SDI/HDMI at ≤ 60 ms - $650
Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro - 1200’ 1080p60 HDMI at ≤ 60 ms - $500
Hollyland Mars 300 PRO - 400’ 1080p60 HDMI at ≤ 100 ms - $400
Hollyland Mars 400S - HDMI / SDI 400’ 1080p60 HDMI at ≤ 100 ms - $552
Vaxis Atom 500 - 500’ 1080p60 HDMI at ≤ 100 ms - $400


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I think you’ve misunderstood.

Any iPhone, via an hdmi cable, can connect to an Atem. I use this to get clean video-out from FilmicPro into my Atem. To of my hdmi camera inputs are iPhones and one is an iPad.

The iPhone receiver software (the Accsoon app) of the CineEye2 transmission has a clean option. I’m just asking … ‘is that clean image able to go out over the iPhone’s hdmi interface?"

I forgot to mention … here in the UK the prices are approximately 20% higher than the prices you listed. Converting the current price of Accsoon CineEye 2S Pro to USD it’s $795 here. All goods of this type in UK (and most of Europe) have approximately 20% tax added.

I’m looking for a cheaper option as I’m now retired :wink:

Latency isn’t too much of an issue as it’s primarily for b-roll material which isn’t time sensitive.