Church livestreaming with 4k PTZ cameras

Hi everyone. I just discovered this forum after toiling alone through the pandemic. I’m happy to learn of this resource of human experience and will be exploring more. My question pertains to designing a PTZ camera setup for the church where I work, and in particular, how to build a system around the new Canon PTZ cameras CR-N300, CR-N500) that have recently become available. Being very new, there are no reviews of this camera on YouTube, or other sites, but the specs look very promising. During Covid lockdown, I produced the services pre-recorded, using my personal Sony cameras (A7SIII, A6600) and high-end audio gear from my side hustle as a classical recording engineer. That gear has spoiled my eyes and ears and thus far, my experience with the images coming from PTZ cameras has been disappointing. Early in the pandemic, I purchased a Bird Dog P200 camera and keyboard/joystick controller and I have experience working in another church that has higher-end Panasonic PTZ cameras. Neither camera systems come anywhere close to the performance of my Sony mirrorless cameras. Why the camera manufacturers can’t or don’t make a PTZ camera using a APS-C or even M43 sensor is beyond me. They have all the tech needed to do this and there is a demand, especially now.

Okay, finally to my question/s. As better, higher resolution PTZ cameras (like the new Canons) become available, what is the equipment chain to take best advantage of the increased resolution and larger sensors of these cameras? For the foreseeable future we will be streaming in HD. I only want to stream in HD and want the 4k cameras to, ideally, take advantage of the larger resolution of the 4k sensor for increased image quality and (perhaps I’m dreaming) to give multiple framing options from the same camera (a medium and a close-up shot, for example).

If I’m not planning to output in 4k, do I need 4k switchers downstream from these cameras, or will HD switchers suffice? (we already have an ATEM Pro ISO). What are your thoughts on building a church PTZ camera system around 4k cameras? Pointless or future proof?

I don’t have a full answer to your post, but a few random thoughts:

I got to play with a CR-N500 a little bit at a recent church creatives conference (SALT). It’s video quality is better than the PTZOptics cameras I use weekly (although that’s a low bar), and does have a 1" sensor, the image quality looks good but not as good as you’ll get outa a DSLR.

At that same conference the Panasonic LUMIX rep said you could pair one of their box cameras like a BGH1 with a DataVideo Pan/Tilt Head.

Personally, I’ve used a Ronin RS2 using Force Mobile to operate the camera remotely, that is a pretty sweet solution, and the RS2 does have the ability to save preset posistion. I was inspired by Middle Things which works with Ronin gimbals and BlackMagic cameras in a way that could replace a traditional PTZ.

An HD switcher would suffice.