Chromecast with Google TV and HDCP

I’ve noticed that the Chromecast with Google TV is able to connect to the HDMI inputs on AMP ISO without HDCP problems. From what I understand this wasn’t possible without a splitter/stripper with the previous Chromecasts. I am able to connect a Cast tab or desktop as well as streaming content with the exception of Amazon Prime. I don’t have any intention of using the Chromecast for anything other than casting tabs etc but was interesting to see that it will work with some streaming content services.


Same here. I’ve been using the new Chromecast with Google TV as an input on my AMP ISO when I do live webinars for work. I’ve only used it to cast a tab (Google Slides presentation) and YouTube (our own videos), but I should play around with it more. I’m in the middle of completely overhauling my office and creating Megadesk, plus I’m waiting on a new M1 Mac mini I received for Christmas to ship…I’ll have to experiment more once that’s finished.


I’m so glad they fixed that! I was getting really tired of finding workarounds for the previous gen chromecasts so it’s great to hear that the latest one works properly!

So is it the ATEM that’s been updated to support it? or the Chromecast to only send HDCP when its HDCP content?

(Asking before I buy a chromecast to stream browser tabs too)

I think that it is a function of the new Chromecast. The Chromecast with Google TV is pretty cool all around. You can sideload Android apps in developer mode and experiment with all kinds of apps on it. Its a great deal at $50.

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Yeah looks like the mew chromecast doesn’t have the weird HDCP issue that the old ones do. The ATEM still doesn’t accept HDCP encrypted sources, which is normally fine, since most devices will properly recognize the destination doesn’t support HDCP and then will not send an HDCP signal. It’s just the old chromecasts that didn’t do that negotiation