ChromeCast of H2R

HI all,
Is there a way to run H2R on chrome, or the chroma window on chrome so we can just chrome cast to atem?
I have been using Aaron’s chat plugin which is amazing btw, but I would love to use the H2R graphics as well.
I tried some chrome extensions that record screen, to just capture that section of the chroma popup, but no success.

Thank you for your time!

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The new version of H2R graphics will work this way, but the current version does not! Stay tuned because John is getting close to releasing version 2!

AH cool! I saw your live yesterday where you talked about using OBS to capture screen, I was going to go that route, but I guess I will wait for this one.

I subscribe to the same idea as you, separate hardware “stuff” from software.
You and John should get together and make this insane graphics software, your ideas are awesome (like the map thing :slight_smile: )