Can this be used to turn the USB-C port into an HDMI Output?!

Is it possible to take a USB-C to HDMI adapter like this one below and run the program out of the USB-C port to an HDMI device? I ask because I’d love to use the AMP with my Teradek device to live stream using network bonding but I need the lone HDMI output for the multiviewer. So that leaves just the USB-C output for sending the program output somewhere. To get that program output into my Teradek Vidiu Go it needs to be via HDMI. So would this adapter possibly work? Is the quality of the USB-C output the same as the HDMI output on the AMP?

Unfortunately no. The USB-C output of the ATEM is not a video out like those adapters use, it requires being connected to a computer as a webcam. I suppose it’s theoretically possible that they could launch a firmware update that would make this work, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Because USB-C’s video interface uses bus bandwidth dedicated for that purpose I would doubt that possibility.

Like I said, I wouldn’t hold my breath. But if they can make a USB port that can both be a UVC device as well as host as USB storage devices, it seems within the realm of possibility.

So I bought a used Roland V8HD this week. Good deal. Overkill amount of inputs but again, I’m outputting my switches to a Teradek Vidiu Go for bonded live streams. Beyond the headline features, the AMP has amazing hidden tools that are meaningful to me like the ability to fine tune the look of each camera before the output and ability to split audio. It would be perfect with 2 HDMI outputs. Drives me mad to know it’s so close to working for me. But if I can’t preview the multicam angles while also sending the program output to the Vidiu Go somehow, then I’ll be headed for trouble.

One other thing I noticed is the AMP struggled a bit when I connected my computer to it and played high quality H264 exports as a feed. Ran tests for hours on this. It would occasionally stutter a bit. The Roland switcher never had issues with the same computer and cables I’m my tests.

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Yeah, the USB-C to HDMI didn’t work. I know you said it wouldn’t but I thought I’d try it. Output needs Alt Mode enabled. Bummer. Guess the switcher isn’t made for that. It’s hard to let go of this switcher because it does so many things really well.

The stutter issue I mentioned above might be related to the output frame rate. All our cameras we coming in at 1080p 23.976 and a computer feed is 1080p60. I messed with the output frame rate and the computer feed would stutter every so often (every minute of the video maybe, sometimes more sometimes less), especially when it was set to 1080p60 (default). Moving the output to AUTO helped. The Roland switcher I metioned really only does 1080p60 or 59.94 output so I never have any issues with mixing frame rates and the output is always smooth. Oh well.

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