Build your own Streaming Bridge with a Raspberry Pi!

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Thanks so much for putting this together.

I just received the last bit I needed for another Raspberry Pi rig (my 5th now, yeesh) and walked through your tutorial today. Surprisingly, I nailed it in the first try, even though I was nanoing on a 1080p 7" display (never fun) and a keyboard I absolutely despise.

Now I have to step out of my comfort zone and figure out port forwarding so I can have remote feeds.

Really hoping that eventually I can have this Raspberry Pi sit as a permanent input on my Atem Mini Pro to serve as an RTMP catcher and a pseudo HyperDeck leaving my three other inputs for cameras.

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Nice! Glad it worked for you! The first time I did this I also used a 7" monitor at 1080 and wow was that a challenge!

One of the next things I’m doing is documenting a good way to avoid needing to set up port forwarding so that it’s easier to do remote workflows. I have a few ideas but I need to run through the setup flows a few times to see how straightforward each one is.