Budget monitor for Atem Multiview

Hi there,

Any recommendations on a cheapish screen no larger than 15 inch to display the Atem preview or multiview?

But this said “out of range” when connecting.

The screen I mentioned is in the 200-ish USD range, which would be my budget give or take say 50 USD

Happy for any recommendations!

I have, what appears to be, the exact same monitor and it works for me on my ATEM Mini Pro. Prior to a recent firmware update it would only work when the ATEM Mini Pro was set to 60fps, but the firmware now supports multiple output rates for the stream itself while the multiview output is 60fps.

Have you tried with your stream set to 60fps?
Have you updated your firmware?

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Thanks for the reply! I am running the mini, not the Pro (still backlog but should arrive in the next weeks)

So at the moment, this is for preview or program out only, as a confidence monitor. Once my pro arrives I’d like to use it for the multiview.

Good to know it seems to work with the pro, but certainly couldn’t get it to work with the mini, even latest firmware :confused:

Preview and program outputs are always at set rate, you need a monitor that supports frame rate you want to use.

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I just purchased a 24” Dell monitor with a headphone jack From Micro Center for $120. It’s a good solution for my home studio.

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If portability isn’t an issue I’d just get one used. On Ebay Kleinanzeigen (for non Germans, it’s like Craiglist) people are giving away their old screens for very cheap.

If portability is an issue and you want to stay around your budget of $50 you can check out screens that were originally made for the back of the car. I got this one (back then it was only 46€): https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07V9G4VKL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
It’s decent enough for checking your camera feeds, but on this particular unit there is no way to change the chinese language in the menu :smiley:
I’m sure you will find tons of different option, especially on Aliexpress.

You can also look into recycling old laptop screens into portable monitors with a lcd monitor controller like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfirQC99xPc

EDIT: Sorry, I misread your budget. But I’ll leave this up anyway.
If you want to keep your current setup you can also look into HDMI scalers. Most brands are pretty pricey in that regard. I can recommend this SCART/HDMI to HDMI Scaler, which supports changing framerates from HDMI to HDMI: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B078JTW414/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Thanks @Franz, that’s a lot of options to look at! Many thanks for taking the time to list everything, I’m sure I’ll find something!

Marked top answer :smiley:

I bought this - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/193352644092

Seem to be many similar portable monitors, only catch is the headphone out has weak signal…I ended up getting a Behringer HA400 headphone amp to make the audio usable.

Monitor can be powered from USB power bank which can be handy.

**If you have time to wait for shipment I recommend this monitor:

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Hi, this looks good and seems a good deal! Thank you!

just had the same problem of trying several computer monitors on my ATEM’s HDMI out, which would not work, until I resorted to an ols TV screen, which did the job. Setting my ATEM to 60 fps didn’t help a bit.
Does anyone understand the problem fully?
The 60 fps setting from the ATEM is not related to the 60 Hz refresh rate of the monitors, or is it?

I’m a big fan of USB-C powered monitors. The Lepow 17" model is a bit more than the ones you’ve found, but it runs on 5V @ 1A. Unfortunately not bright enough for direct sunlight.

I experienced that manyu monitors will simply not work with 30FPS.
I need 30FPS in the ATEM since the bad internet upspeed in the church.

I found that my standalone mulitviewer solves the 30FPS output to higher so I can show it on a monitor.
I aslo found out most Televisions do support 30FPS.

I use a 10 inch led tv https://www.hkc-eu.com/nl/hkc-p10h6-portable-tv-10-inch-hd.html. works like a charm

Lilliput A7s 7-inch works fine in any fps, headphone output is powerful enough, but not cheap and too small :frowning: : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B074SGNC2X/

I bought the “IVV 15.6” 1080p" on Amazon and it has worked with all frame rates on the three switchers I have tested it with.

  • ATEM Mini Pro ISO
  • ATEM Television Studio HD
  • ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K

IVV 15.6" 1080p:
www.amazon.ca CDN$ 229.99
www.amazon.com USD$ 158.99

I also use “Sewell Echo V2 HDMI to HDMI Upscaler/Downscaler” from Amazon to fix Frame rate issue on my other monitors
www.amazon.ca CDN$ 92.28

I also designed a 3D printed Cable strain relief and keeps both cables together.

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