BMD Product releases?

So do we reckon that Blackmagic still has more products that they want to release this year?
I think for the ATEMs there is definitely an idea as to what I would release, though the ATEM Mini Pro Iso definitely caught me by surprise

Basing on the way the lines are starting to flesh out:

Current lines

  • ATEM Mini line: HDMI only (Camera control on HDMI input), designed mostly for streaming/podcasts/youtube, supports static PCC4k/6k
    Features: Scalers, No Aux, USB interface output, integrated control panel
    Integrates with: Streaming Bridge, micro converters

  • ATEM TV line: HDMI and SDI input (Camera control on HDMI input, OR SDI output) - designed for small events, and as an upgrade for professional users, supports PCC4k/6k static and say a Studio Cam (MFT mount)
    Features: (upcoming scalers on all lines?), 1 Aux, integrated control/control panel
    Integrates with: Hyperdeck Studio + other 1/3u products, Mini converters

  • ATEM Broadcast Line: SDI only (single HDMI maybe) with camera control only on SDI. Designed for large events (with Ursa/Studio cams i.e B4 mount)
    Features: Multiple AUX, multiple M/E, 4k on all models (upcoming 12G sdi/4k60 on all models?), designed for use with the Adv Panels 1-4 ME
    Integrates with: Hyperdeck 1u, Teranex 1/3u, Teranex 1u

  • ATEM Constellation: SDI, lots of inputs, 8k mixer line
    Integrates with: Hyperdeck Extreme (future 8k products)

Expected release

Seems to then suggest the ATEM Production Studio 4k is going to be killed off as it is basically the TV line, Production 1M/E and above get 12G sdi, maybe new front panel, and some Teranex boxes with streaming etc to compliment them

Then things they might release this year/next year are:

  • Teranex/Web Presenter Pro/v2 H264/H265 streaming box + USB output (web presenter becomes v2 with basically ATEM mini internals?).
  • Scalers on all the TV line, Fairlight audio
  • ATEM Production line moves to 12G SDI - maybe rename all to Broadcast for clearer naming, with a 1, 2, 4 ME, upgraded keyers
  • 12G/4k60 output multiview
  • Some 8k small bits (currently got an 8k mixer, a hyperdeck, a decklink, teranex converter and camera)
  • Hyperdeck with Iso recording? (I can but hope - they probably expect you to just to buy 4 hyperdecks)


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In their materials they seem to consider Constellation to be in the TVS line (sounds odd)
-we don’t have a 8k camera yet, Ursa 12k doesn’t support 8k output
-hyperdeck with multiple recordings would be nice, as would be simultaneous record and playback
-I’m still waiting for a new camera converter