BMD HyperDeck Studio HD Plus

Hi all.

Two hopefully simple questions re the new BMD HyperDeck Studio HD Plus devices.

  1. Can an attached USB-C drive be used for media playback?

  2. Does all media have to be encoded explicitly the same as per the original HyperDeck Mini device?

Context,. I have the original HyperDeck Mini, works great but I hate swapping in/out SD Cards and would love the simplicity of using USB-C instead. I only use the device for media playback of random clips.

Also I know current device is very finicky re media type. All have to be same coding frame rates etc for all media to be seen by the HyperDeck. Is that any better with newer models??

A bonus question, :), is the internal FTP server any more responsive, that’s painfully slow.

Thanks in advance. Martin.