BM Streaming Bridge SDI

Has anyone else been giving the Streaming Bridge some additional thought? The Ref In has me thinking that bi-directional communication might be cable over the bridge. Not sure if that is with the ATEM Mini Pro & ISO or another switcher to be announced next month but it certainly makes me wonder.

Also if that is possible, Imagine having 4 contributors sending their feed in to your central location via the ethernet for use in Super Source of say a 2 M/E while they are conversing over something like Zoom on their end through the usb-c webcam. You could ship a “mobile kit” out for what $4k with lights, tripod, etc?

The more I think about it, I am far more excited by the Bridge than by the ISO.

Im very interesting in the future of the Streaming Bridge too. It also doesn’t seem to have its own landing page which is odd! And the SDI REF stuff.

Yes, the lack of its own landing page, but rather putting it under the ATEM minis and the press release seem to suggest to me that BMD have no plans to release streaming in the bigger ATEMs, but then adding two separate ref inputs is just very odd, like they have future plans for it

It would be nice to have standalone streaming box in the 1/3u Teranex format, but odd the way they present the bridge as only for the ATEMs.
If they don’t release anything more, it is a wasted opportunity - replacing multi-site/room screens, over standard network or potentially even using wifi with them, rather than having to add video cabling in would have been awesome