BM Announcement Let Down + Tricaster 2 Elite

I am more than a little let down by the Blackmagic Announcement this time. The new panels will be super useful. Just not for the work many of us are doing.

I was actually far more excited given the current state of things, by NewTek’s Tricaster 2 Elite announcement.

I am not really a team NewTek/software guy, but that box could make me a lot of money if it works as advertised.

Anyone else feeling that way?

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I was really hoping for BM to announce something in the $1000-2000 tier of products, something that might be useful to smaller shops.

I tried looking up info about the Tricaster 2 Elite, but only found what looks like a blog post summary of a press release, and the official Newtek page on it, neither of which tell me too much detail.

It does look like they are focused on bringing in remote guests into production workflows which sounds like absolutely the right thing to target right now. I suspect they were in a much better place than Blackmagic to do this though, since they’re already software based and it’s a lot easier to throw software around than to build new microchips. I would be absolutely thrilled if Blackmagic started making devices for bringing in remote guests, and I actually think they’re in a place to create some specialized hardware to do that job at a not unreasonable price point, but building hardware is always a lot slower especially now.

Blackmagic had probably been planning on this launch for at least over a year, and nobody expected the world to change out from under everyone the way it did.

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