Blackmagic VideoAssist to act like a HyperDeck

To @aaronpk or anyone else who could shine light on this.

On Aaron’s latest Q&A, someone asked whether a VideoAssist plugged into an ATEM Mini over HDMI could be used like a HyperDeck in ATEM Software Control. So that files stored on the VideoAssist could be approached by the ATEM Mini and played back.

Aaron said that it wouldn’t be possible because unlike the HyperDeck, the VideoAssist doesn’t have an Ethernet port.

I have a HyperDeck Studio Mini and a VideoAssist 7". I think it would be great if I could control my VideoAssist 7" from my AMP as well.

Like the HyperDeck, the VideoAssist has HDMI and USB-C. And my BMPCC4K cameras are controlled by ATEM Software Control over HDMI. So in theory, couldn’t ATEM Software Control interface with the VideoAssist over HDMI?

I understand that Blackmagic’s software isn’t capable of it now, but perhaps it’d be something they could add? Or any there technical limitations that make this impossible?

That’s a great point! It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that they could ship a firmware update to the Video Assist to enable HDMI-controlled recording and playback to emulate a Hyperdeck! Seems like a natural fit to their HDMI line of devices (ATEM Mini, BMPCC4K, Video Assist)

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Thanks for your reply! Do you know if there are employees of Blackmagic on this forum? If not, what would be the best way to approach them with a feature request like this? The official Blackmagic forums don’t seem very active, nor do I see employees of Blackmagic take part there often. This forum and your YouTube Q&As have been of much more help to me. Thanks so much for your efforts.

(I watch every week, but your Q&As are scheduled at a time when I usually have to record my own classes – I heard you say that next week’s Q&A will be an hour later, that’s great for me, I’ll be able to watch live.)

I know that if you email support they are pretty responsive, but that doesn’t always result in your message getting passed on to the right people to consider a feature request. I would just be very explicit that you’re asking for this to get filed as a feature request to make it easy on the support person.

(btw next week’s livestream will actually be 2 hours later!)