Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro - B4 Lenses?

I just bought 4 Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pros for a sporting event contract that I am doing. And I’m just looking for other options for lenses and of course B4 comes up. I watched a video on YouTube with somebody testing B4 Lens on this camera and of course it has horrible vignetting. just wondering if a B4 lens with a built in 2X converter would fix this vignetting issue???

I’m guessing it might work, here’s somebody trying on a black magic pocket cinema 4K with a builtin 2X extender

Hi @AuroraProductions , there is a lot of information in a Facebook group called B4 on M4/3 . It’s run by Anthony Burokas. He had a number of YT videos on the topic when Panasonic GH3 - GH4 were still a thing. On face the info is dated, but you are from a practical standpoint dealing with roughly the same sensor size.

In short you can eliminate the problem with the 2x currently. However the point made in the video above about eliminating it in a software update through a new mode is also true. The Panasonic cameras had an option in menu to punch in creating the same effect and allowing overall greater range of distance. It did however come with a tradeoff of giving up a portion of the sensor’s resolution. Hopefully BM makes a similar option available to allow for more professional lenses.

Hope this helps.


I think I’ve seen his work before. And from everything that I can think of the 2X extender looks like it should work fine like you said.

And I’m guessing there really isn’t any point of using the FotodioX Adapter with a built-in glass as I heard it’s not very good quality.


I’ve used them with the original BM studio cameras and can confirm the 2x eliminated the vignetting.

I work at a community TV station and we bought 2x B4 lenses cheap at an auction for about A$350 from memory. The adapters were about A$1000 though. I can’t remember what brand it was. I think I bought a super cheap adapter while we were waiting for the good ones to come in, and the cheap one had to be dremmel-ed off as it got stuck.

B4 lenses are pretty heavy too - I’d recommend rods or some other lens support to take some weight off the M43 mount.

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