Best way to use raspberry pi for many applications

I’m new to the raspberry pi but I’ve seen lots of videos about how versatile it can be ; used as a hyperdeck, as a stream bridge, to run companion. Since I’m a total novice I’m curious about a few things. Is the raspberry pi 4 powerful enough to perform multiples if these functions at the same time ? I assume not, but if it can that’s really cool. If it can’t how do you set it up to run the different functions ? I see lots of tutorials where you prepare a micro sd card to run each feature would it make sense to just have 3 micro sd cards for it. One makes it be a hyperdeck, one that makes it run companion , etc. Then just insert the appropriate memory card depending on the function you need it to serve for any particular job. Is that the best way or us there any easy terminal command to have everything set up and just tell it "ok stop being a hyperdeck now and be a stream bridge "

My personal hope is that I’ll only need to take up one HDMI input on my ATEM Mini Pro with my Raspberry Pi, leaving me three inputs for cameras.

I’d like to be able to use Playoutbee (the HyperDeck emulator) as well as an RTMP Stream catcher.

I don’t need to use them at the same time (meaning outputting the video from the RTMP Stream Catcher from one of the HDMI outputs on my Raspberry Pi 4 and the video from Playoutbee), I would just need to select between them. It would be nice if there was a unifying software. Maybe the streamed video via RTMP could be considered a “clip” in the Playoutbee UI, resulting in a list of clips where one of them happens to be a live RTMP stream.

Hey Nate,
That’s exactly what is Plan in the long term I hope to have a webinterface to start multiple Bees ( Playoutbee, Recordingbeed( basicly the streambridge + recording , Sequenz Bee to automate all of that and triger Companion , atem etc )