Best sound quality

Hi everyone, next Sep 25th I’m streaming a concert so I need the best audio quality out of my Atem mini, I’m used to taking all the audio channels to a console and then connect to the Atem and stream through it. But there is an audio technician saying the best option is having the console connected to an audio interface and then connected to the computer as well as the atem mini and broadcast through OBS. Any thoughts on these two options?

Use a Radial J-ISO to interface to take the +4 dB balenced mixer outputs and connect the -10 dB out of the interface into the ATEM Ieft/right inputs.

used this interface on a live stream a few weeks ago using a Midas mixer.

To minimize the noise sound and achieve the best audio quality you suggest I buy the Radial J-ISO and connect it to the Atem Mini Pro on the TRS MIC 1 input?
Do you know the audio bitrate that the Atem outputs to the streaming?

I’ve done lots of music live-streams using the ATEM Mini & Extreme, the audio inputs set to line level are absolutely fine. I generally come out of the balanced outputs of a desk into the mini-jack mic input. By far the more important considerations to me are the quality of microphones and mixing desk pre-amps.

I don’t know the actual audio bitrate the ATEM streams at but I can’t hear any compression on the stream.

Thanks Jon, for mixing audio I use a ProFx12v3 and I have 2 lav mics a countryman B3 omnidirectional and a zoom omnidirectional lav mic. And a Shutgun NTG4+. But I think I have some noise in the streaming. Any comment will be useful.