Best RGB Lightstrip for Streamers/Video Makers

If you’ve been chatting on Discord, you might remember I was having trouble with Philips Hue lights causing flicker on my video with a Sony A6000/A6400. So I tried out these Elgato RGB Light Strips which are specifically designed for use in Video!

Full unboxing, app setup and testing on camera:

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Good review and clearly Elgato have thought about the use case.
I like this product and other Elgato lights, however, most of them have the same APP controlled issue, if the software isn’t available ( EOL) the product is not longer useable.

More costly options Article of interest flicker free dimming

Thanks for the input @Sid! I would normally agree with you and the only reason I haven’t bought into Aputure with Sidus Link is because its closed source with no integration for Companion or other automation systems.

But FYI, these Elgato lights are quite open and well documented with multiple 3rd party control options. BitFocus Companion already has 2 of the other Elgato lights supported - this is just a newer offering from Elgato. So I’d be less worried about this unit becoming obsolete due to app EOL than even an Aputure light IMHO.

@BensTechLab I’m so glad to have this place as a resource.

IMHO Companion and the Streamdeck XL are meant for each other, with the lighting control in the ecosystem that sounds like a sensible option.
The Elgato lights were off of my list, but… given your information I will certainly reconsider this.

Thanks for the info.