Behind the scenes of Lillian's Oh My Dollar show

  • ATEM Mini Pro, streaming directly to YouTube
  • Main camera on input 1
  • Handheld camera next to me on input 2 for BTS and cat angles
  • The computer on the right is running the new chat overlay CSS, fed into input 3. It is Luma keyed and positioned so that only that black top section is shown at the bottom of the screen
  • Input 4 is an iPad which we use for showing photos on the screen just using the built in Photos app
  • Strata Macros on an iPad Mini for controlling all the macros, which is mainly the start/end buttons which do the audio transitions and load the right graphics, plus showing and hiding the chat and iPad overlays
  • Under the iPad Mini is an iPod touch with the playlist of the preroll and outro music running on a loop

Since we’re streaming directly from the ATEM Mini Pro today, dropping the Webcaster X2 from the flow, this does mean a change to how she sees the comments. The new live chat thing I’ve been working on fits well into this workflow now!

Here’s the talent view. New small on-camera monitor, and the larger monitor is a mirror of the laptop that’s got the live chat open which is also fed into the ATEM Mini to show the comments on the stream.

I’ll try to grab a photo once there’s chat on the screen later.

Slightly more complete but chaotic view:

I’m going to be streaming the behind the scenes live to an unlisted video tonight if you’re curious and want to tune in!


Wait. That stool you have is basically the same one I’ve been sitting on 8-12hrs per day during quarantine. I’m saving for a Herman Miller stool as a result of COVID…I realize how much it means to me now.

Interestingly her stream really is running almost 2 seconds behind yours now that the audio is coming through…

It’s so amazing to watch someone else one person band a production though!

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It`s cool to see Behind The Scenes as well like the live event at same time. Good job Aaron.
Also, Superchat messages works well.


Found a flaw with the way I have this set up… she doesn’t have a large monitor to see program out! Just a tiny 5" screen showing my multiview, so it’s a postage stamp.

That was fun, thanks for tuning in!

So I left my second ATEM Mini Pro at the studio and I was using the one here for her stream, so I was running the BTS stream off a small h264 encoder I got that I had been meaning to test out and do a video about before the Pro was announced. It’s a DDMall AVC-2K device. Youtube was constantly giving me errors about key frames not being sent often enough, and that’s what was causing the terrible glitches in the stream. I had seen this and emailed them. They just got back to me and get this – emailed me new firmware to install! I had even updated the firmware just before by downloading it from their site, but there’s apparently a newer version not listed on their site. The new version has a setting to choose the keyframe rate! So hopefully next time will be better.

I just listened back to part of the stream, and I can’t believe the audio at the beginning worked! The camera mic volume was at 1 of 30, but somehow you can still hear me. It’s just the built in mic on the Sony Rx0.

I kept meaning to come back to this and ask if the DDMall AVC-2K you mentioned above was a dead end. You mentioned a device that sounds like it during your AppleTV stream though. So is there hope for pulling the multi view over a vpn with the DDMall?

That has been a real issue with my design idea thus far. I actually considered shipping a kit with the Mini Pro’s multiview feeding into a Mini so a second computer could send the feed back through Zoom.

In your testing how is the latency for the RTSP stream over the VPN?

Oh yeah so after they fixed the key frame issue there were more issues with some pretty bad lags and glitches in the stream. I sent them a sample and they sent me back another firmware update to try. I haven’t actually done the same comparison yet but I have been experimenting with other methods of getting video from that encoder. On my LAN there’s about a 1second delay getting video from the RTSP feed. Next is to test it via my cell connection.