Bad Quality YouTube Livestream with ATEM Mini

Hi all! Super glad I found a community of ATEM users! I hope y’all are able to help me out figuring out this issue. This is a link to our stream for context of my issue, musical performance starts around 6:30.

If you’re hearing what I’m hearing, it sounds very phase-y, wash-y, and just like very bad quality audio.
This is what we have tried so far and still get the same results:

  1. hardwired computer to modem/router for more reliable upload
  2. bypassed ATEM Mini Mic Input with a separate Audio Interface
  3. bypassed Matrix output from board and created isolated mix for stream

What is going on with this stream? Can’t seem to get a clean sounding signal.

Thank you in advance for all the help!

Here are my thoughts and suggestions.

a) Hard wired the computer to modem/router for more reliable upload must be done at all times.

b) Creating an isolated mix specific for the stream is very important. You must make sure to mic everything and send everything to the stream at all times no matter what audio mix you are sending to the local venue.

c) By passing the ATEM Mini Mic Input is not recommended and using an audio interface is extra money spent for no reason. The ideal situation is for all the audio and video processing to be done within the ATEM Mini. This will allow you to have more control over all of your video and audio settings within the ATEM software.

Make sure you have the proper cabling coming from your audio mixer (dual 1/4inch or dual XLR to 1/8inch cable as an example) that has the specific for the stream mix that you have already setup and connect that directly to the ATEM Mini. Also, make sure to use the ATEM software to have the mic input turned into line input depending on your mixer output and save that setting to the saved state within the ATEM.

Unfortunately if you have the ATEM Mini and not the ATEM Mini Pro, then you will have to add the additional issues and complexity of the computer failing or causing extra problems using your software of choice to send to YouTube. The ATEM Mini Pro can broadcast directly to YouTube with no need of a computer.

This setup has worked for many church installations that our dealers have done across Canada.

Good luck to you in solving your issues.

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Hi @Antiochsound . You mention that you are using a separate audio interface. It might help to specify the interface and the full audio chain. And by full I mean from the mic all the way to how you are streaming into YT.

This is no doubt not your case, but I did once hear something similar and it was do to bringing audio out of a mixer through an 1/8" headphone output into the next device in the chain. The mixer had above average xlr inputs and below average headphone outputs. So with that as a backdrop, please let us know the full signal path.

Thank you for your input! The stream above was dual XLR out of the matrix output of the board into the mic input on the ATEM Mini, i only tried the audio interface to see if that was the issue but it was not.

Hey Joe, thanks for your input. I’m using the Matrix outputs of the board into the ATEM Mini via Dual XLR to 1/8” cable.
While troubleshooting the issue, I used a Focusrite 2i2 also using the matrix output but that didn’t resolve the low quality/phase-y sound.

Understood Mo, like Joe mentioned you have to make sure that the audio coming out of the mixer is clean and not over powering the ATEM Mini inputs, you can see this within the ATEM sound mixer tab of the ATEM software. If you need additional tweaking of the audio that cannot be performed within the audio mixer, then you can tweak the audio within the ATEM sound mixer tab of the ATEM software.

Hope that helps.