Background colour for text of Timer and font

I am trying to use an image with a timer over the top for the start of a stream “this stream stream will start in…” type of thing as a holding graphic and timer before an event starts. I can get the timer working no problem, but I want the background of the timer to either be transparent or matched to the graphic behind.

I have tried picking the colour and manually adding it via the hex code. However, every time it still shows with a slightly different hue and I cannot fathom why! :man_facepalming:

I am probably being a numpty, but can’t for the life of me figure out why it is happening.

Whilst I am here, can I use a custom font from the machine I am running it on, or is it only web-safe fonts?

Thanks in advance for any help!


color matching a computer’s output to broadcast gear is not an easy task. Computers usually use the sRGB color space, while broadcast gear uses REC.709. Those color spaces are similar enough to just use sRGB graphics in a broadcast environment for example in the ATEM’s media player, but as soon as you try to overlay a computer’s output to broadcast images, the colors will be ever so slightly off.

You can choose the Timer’s foreground color to be a contrasting color from your image and the background to be black in H2Rgraphics. When you output that on a black chroma window, you can use the ATEM’s downstream keyer with a luma key to overlay just the numbers over your background. That’s the way I do it.

Regarding fonts, you can use any font installed on the machine running H2Rgraphics by just entering a font-family property into the custom CSS section of the timer.

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@Cybershadow thanks for your reply. I will have a play about with the settings. I did think it would be colour space related and tried a few variations on a theme, but I will try what you suggest.

Regards CSS entry in H2R, I think I must not be entering it correctly. Will brush up at W3 schools and hopefully crack it! Thanks again!

I’m a bit slow replying here - how did it turn out?

@John Thanks for your reply. I did as @Cybershadow suggested, with the chroma set to black, timer in a white-ish colour to match the branding. Worked well. We did a great livestream on Friday night, happy client (venue owner), happy musician and happy crew.

Great to hear everyone was happy :smiley: