Automating control of two Atem Mini's?

I’m running out of HDMI inputs and wondering how best to automate control of two atem minis as I need the control for simultaneous changes of USK, DSK, playing video clips and the like.

By way of background I an atem mini, a pro and a hyperdeck studio mini. I use the hyperdeck to bring in video clips and semi transparent graphics and this consumes two HDMI inputs. Today I’ve tested @john 's H2R app - thanks John it’s great! Potentially two more HDMI inputs.

Is it possible for a macro to control both atems? I can’t see a way to do that.

What about streamdeck with companion? Would that be a solution? If so, this would be very cool as I would have 4 camera inputs and 2 sets of graphic inputs both with fill and key.

I use Ecamm Live on a mac to play videos and overlays etc using scenes. I just advance a scene on my stream deck. You could use the software purely as overlays etc etc and then run the software into an Atem.

You might also find that looking at Qlab as a method of playback as an option.

Titler and Singular are also overlay / playback softwares that are worth looking at but as every there are always budgets etc etc.

You might also find that upgrading your switcher is a better solution as there does come a point where your setup has too many points of failure and thus just getting a 1ME or whatever is a better solution.

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Thanks Ross, I’ll take a look at these! In terms of upgrading the switcher hopefully if this grows it will come to that :slight_smile:

Watching @aaronpk 's live Q&A this week looks like the streamdeck does the job so it’s on the way. Being able to control the graphics and videos in the switcher suits what I am doing better than using software at this point.

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