Audio & visual issues - ticking/static/echo then pixelation

Can anyone please watch the stream recording I’ve uploaded & give some feedback what is causing the issues listed below?

Audio then visual issues: ticking/static/echo then pixelation

17:10 - ticking noise starts & continues intermittently

40:08 - loud static then echo

41:38 original audio drops out, echo remains

1:36:20 pixelation starts to affect the visuals & gradually gets worse, stays for the remainder of the stream (while visuals in ATEM Multiview & laptop/Streamyard were fine)

I have had similar audio issues before when I was using OBS. Stopped using OBS and started with StreamYard instead.

This was my setup for the event, a panel discussing a film.

6 mics into mixer into XLR1E audio interface on a GH5 into ATEM MP via HDMI from GH5, monitoring audio via headphones on ATEM MP multiview monitor, no ticking or other noise at this stage of the signal.

ATEM MP into MacBook Pro via USB, video & audio into StreamYard broadcasting to a facebook page, monitoring audio on the live stream there is ticking, static, then echo, then pixelation in the visuals

The 2 consistent components of this setup are the ATEM Mini Pro & my MacBook Pro. The laptop (mid 2014, 16GB ram, 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB) is what I use for video editing & reasonably highly spec’d, it’s not doing much processing with the Streamyard setup so I don’t think it’s a laptop issue.

Also don’t think it was an internet issue, the venue had a 5G connection, I was connected via ethernet to it & was getting 250-300 download & 50 upload through the entire event, I ran speedtests during it to check.

My guess is there’s an audio buffer type issue with the ATEM Mini Pro? It always takes a while to develop once streaming, but then it builds up & eventually causes the static/echo and then resets with the original audio gone & just the echo remains.

I’m going to approach Blackmagic & the Australian distributors again, but so far I’ve had no fix from them.

Anyone have an ideas?

Audio issues sound like a buffer issue, possibly on your laptop (if ATEM had it it would have been known already, unless you have a defective unit), I had similar when sound drivers stepped over one another. Try enabling / enlarging buffers in StreamYard.
Video looks like a classic low bitrate issue, StreamYard decided to lower the bitrate for some reason.
Try streaming from ATEM and see if it works better.


Yep, looks definetly like compression artifacts due to low bitare (sub 1000kbps).
Do you use auto-bitrate or fixed streaming?
5G connection might be unstable for a few seconds so your software tries to compensate for that.