Audio too „hot“ for GH5


I would like to route audio as follows:

Sennheiser shotgun and 2 Lavs through SD MixPre 3 II to Camera (GH5) to Atem Mini.

My issue is that even with Stereo Out gain on the Mix Pre set to -40db the audio seems to be way too hot for the GH5 (set to -12db)

If I route audio to Atem, it’s ok as I can set Mic In to Line Level, but then I still have to sync the audio with a delay. I’d much rather go through camera and „fuhgetaboutit“

I haven’t found a way to tell the GH5 it’s a line level input or reduce sensitivity below -12db. On the MixPre, after -40, the next setting is „off“ so that doesn’t help either.


I have the GH5S and there’s a setting to tell it to accept line level audio. I’m not sure if that’s a feature unique to the GH5S that’s not in the GH5 though.

It looks like there’s also two audio outputs on the Mix Pre, are you using the right one to feed the camera?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply! I’ll have another look. I’m feeding the „Stereo Out“ to the camera, the other is a dedicated Headphone out.

Further research on the Internet shows that the selectable mic/line in seems to be specific to GH5s. Maybe I’ll have to live with Audio going to Atem. Not too big an issue now that the Audio delay feature is part of the 8.2.3 update.

Thanks all the same!

Sorry for the “blow by blow” bug fixing here… but may be helpful as I have a pretty popular setup.

So I have managed to get all the settings straight from Curtis Judd’s excellent video on the Mixpre / GH5 pairing.

Worked a charm… clean audio on the GH5. Until, well until I connected the HDMI cable from the GH5 to the Atem -> the buzz is back and audio is very “hot” / distorted.

Ground loop? Put camera on batteries (unplug dummy battery), unplugged MixPre, ran on battery, only connection left is Atem Mini to PC via USB-C. Still buzzing / hot audio. The crazy thing is that this even happens with an Atem unconnected to ac power (but connected to USB-C).

I have swapped all HDMI cables, USB-C cables etc. to no effect.

In short: Mixpre out is not too hot, can get clean audio to GH5 (verified by headphones on GH5), but as soon as I create a HDMI connection, the buzz is there.

I am tearing my hair out, off to make some pasta :smiley:, usually cooking calms me down…

Update: It’s not the GH5. I have replaced the V777 Camcorder in the chain with the exact same results.
Audio to camera from Mix-Pre is fine, attach HDMI and the audio is a distorted mess.

I have a working solution by connecting the audio into the Atem Mini and adding the required delay, but this is now an issue I really want to get to the ground of.

It’s not the ground lift, it’s not the HDMI cable, it’s not the USB-C port, I took this to a different controller entirely (Mainboard USB-C vs PCI-E USB C Controller… exact same, reproducible error…

I had same issue running line audio from a Rodecaster Pro/mixer into the GH5 mic input, it’s too hot for the GH5, research said the GH5 preamp can’t be set for line level input.
I bought the audio interface XLR1E for the GH5, problem solved but not cheap! But it means I have better audio when using the GH5 for non streaming projects too.

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Hi, my research has gone on as well :smiley:

I have made a short video to explain the issue.

I record straight to camera, the audio is fine, not too hot. Then it’s getting messy when connecting HDMI. I have reduced levels in the “messy” part, so as to avoid ppl’s speakers/headphones “blowing out”, otherwise “as is”.

Ideas? Thanks all to help get to the ground of this weird behaviour.

You mentioned you’d tested with a V777…I’ve also previously tested with what I think is a similarly priced Panasonic HC-VX1 4K HD Camcorder and had the same noise/interference.
My unscientific theory is just that the audio preamps in cheaper cameras (that aren’t built to handle a line level signal) are crap! They just don’t have the processing power to handle a line signal input and then send it out again via HDMI.
Manufacturers prioritise photo & video performance over audio, until you get to more expensive cameras.
So I think the 2 workarounds are take the audio direct into ATEM MP and add delay (using latest update, yay!) or use a camera that has the ability to select a line level input.
That’s what I think :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yup, I’ll be working with the audio straight to Atem, which is the working solution.