Audio randomly drops out when using USB webcam connection

So any ideas why the audio signal from my ATEM mini randomly drops out when using it on a Zoom session? Sometimes it can last over an hour with no problems, other times it can drop 3 times in 10 minutes.
Software conflict? cos I usually have nothing else open.
The video is always fine, just the audio is lost.
I can solve the issue by unplugging and re-plugging the USB connection, but it invariably happens again.

ATEM Mini & ATEM Mini ISO - same problem on both, and has happened through various updates.
MacBook Pro 13 running Catalina 10.15.7
All audio options have the same problem, whether coming through cameras or the mic inputs.

Really need to sort this! Any help appreciated. Jon

I’ve had this happen tonnes of times using the USB connection. I’ve tried different ATEM mini’s and different laptops, all the same. And it doesn’t always happen so I’m unable to just recreate it. It seems to only be an issue when I’m at a live event, lol.

My temp work around has been to bring my audio and video into the computer via a USB capture device, like a cheap $30 amazon card, or my nicer $200 capture card. That has never dropped the audio.

However I was always using OBS and I though this dropped audio was an OBS issue, but I’m starting to think it might be an issue from the ATEM when I mix three different camera inputs, at different resolutions.

Typically you should make sure your ATEM firmware is also up to date.

Thanks for the reply, sounds like the same issue. If I relate my setup to yours, I have 2-3 cameras on my switcher always set to the same frame rate, the same as the switcher, so I don’t think that can be the issue. And sometimes it will happen with one camera.

I read somewhere that someone thought it was when the volume gets to high, but again I that doesn’t follow with my experience.

I will check firmware again, but I have updated several times and seems to persist.
The capture card might be the only work around, but I’d loose multiview from the Pro right? Can you recommend a capture card you’re happy with (cheaper ideally!) Might have to get a larger switcher to get multiple outputs and send one to zoom, and retain multi view.

My main problem is that I never know when the audio is gone. Sometimes in Zoom the mic button still shows audio going through but it isn’t!

Yes, the biggest downside is losing the multi cam preview. However my livestreams are often funerals or weddings, and I have control of the cameras, so I don’t need the preview so much. I just need my audio to work, lol.

I bet there is a third option, which is bringing the audio in separately from the ATEM. It just depends on how you’re managing your audio. I have my audio coming in via a mixer before it hits the ATEM, so I can send my audio to both my ATEM, my cameras and into my computer all separately. So this may be an option. I just haven’t explored it.

Okay, so the video capture cards I’ve used are the two following (these are Canadian so you’ll have to find your own equivalent):
Cheap amazon $25 card (I have three and they have never failed me, however they are cheap so anythings possible)

And a more decent card that I use most often:

And my never fail most expensive card:

Using the cheap $25 card might be a decent way to test this.

But the free next test might be to pull audio into the computer via a second method. This might bring up audio sync challenges, I’m not entirely sure. I have something like this:

Let us know if you have any success?

~ Rob

Yea my audio working is definitely higher up the list than a multiview! But it’s annoying - it pretty much renders the USB webcam element useless if it’s gonna drop audio at unspecified moments. I’m doing similar events to you.

I have audio interfaces I can use but I do fear sync issues, I usually have my audio 3 frames delayed in the atem to sync with my video.

I’ll probably try a cheap capture card, but maybe even the Web Presenter, that way if I do end up getting one of the larger switchers (which is bound to happen one day!) I can send the signal over one of the SDI aux outputs.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share.