Audio Drops out on Youtube


A colleague has had some issues with the audio dropping out when streaming to Youtube.

Setup is Atem Mini Pro with audio going into the Atem via HDMI from mic directly connected to camera.

Stream works fine with no issues on picture quality etc, but audio intermittently drops on the Youtube stream.

I was wondering about the HDMI cable, and whether this could be an issue, but anyone with any clues would be much appreciated.



can you check where exactly in the audio chain do dropouts occur?

It would seem only at the Youtube end. Audio is being monitored at the camera and is getting through the HDMI, but no way of monitoring on the Atem as no headphone socket.

Let the camera do local recording and check if there is a dropout.
Same on the ATEM, do a stream and at the same time record via USB to disk and verify is audio is OK there.

Will give that a go.

Many thanks


Use a monitor when viewing your multi-view that has a headphone output, you will hear program audio. Some PC monitors have this feature built into them.