ATEM Streaming Bridge - silly question for fun

Who is the first person you would want to bring in/interview live to your live stream with your new ATEM Streaming Bridge and why?

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Probably Mike Delgaudio (YT: Booth Junkie) because I could never get enough of hearing his voice :grin:

But seriously, in the first instance, you would need to send it to people who would know what to do with it, so I could imagine a 4-way (4 inputs on the AMP, right?) with Mike to share how to speak properly, say Bandrew Scott to pick the right microphone and @aaronpk to explain the right camera and streaming setup. Should be a fun and educational session. I‘ll be #4 in the mix, nodding demurely and filling in awkward comments :joy:

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Hi Tim. . .You are the first person I would like to interview because: 1. I am interested in hearing what you have to say, and 2. I would have a reason to order the streaming bridge. . .

That’s kind of you to say. I’m holding off ordering one since I don’t really see a use case for me. Once @aaronpk and @john get hold of theirs, I’m sure we’ll all be a good deal wiser and make an informed decision.