ATEM software update to help with audio latency

8.2.3 includes

  • Adds adjustable audio delay on the analog inputs on ATEM Mini models.
  • Allows the DVE to scale more than 100% in size on ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini Pro.
  • General performance and stability updates.

A nice little functionality update!


Audio Delay = Huge! Something I feel like everyone has been asking for.

This is really amazing because not only will it help the ATEM overcome its own problems with line-in vs HDMI sync, but it will help me get my wireless headsets in sync with the camera mounted microphones.

Unfortunately like the EQ settings I’m betting that the audio delay won’t be saved after power off.

You can save the settings into the ATEM by using the “Save Startup State” option in the software control app! Everything except the media pool will save across reboots!


That’s a very good point. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that so far, I haven’t even checked whether my wireless lav mic is in sync with the video. I have a Sennheiser XSW-D receiver going into a BMPCC 4K, which connects to a XSW-D lav mic. Given that I haven’t noticed a lag, it must not be much. But still. It might pay off to move the receiver from the camera to the Mic2 on the ATEM Mini Pro, and properly calibrating it using the feature in the new firmware.

It does make me wonder about the other mics I use. Those are XLR, connected to the mini-XLR ports of the BMPCC 4K cameras. Given that they’re wired, they don’t have any latency issues?

Your Sennheiser is most likely very low latency compared to my Saramonic cheap 2.4 GHz mics.

I did the clapping test that Aaron suggested in his video, and there isn’t any lag when I use the Sennheiser lav mic. It’s not a very expensive mic either. The transmitter, receiver, and mic are sold as a kit for $299.

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