ATEM rig for online music instruction

When the pandemic hit all my shows were cancelled and people stopped booking studio time, so the only option was to move my guitar students online and teach via Zoom. I use my recording studio console to send high quality audio via an app called “Audio Movers” which is far superior to Zoom for music. For video I have three Aida HD-100A cameras feeding to an ATEM mini which allows me to switch camera angles for left and right hand closeups, plus feed diagrams via video out from a laptop (or screen sharing via Zoom).

The Audio Movers app has been a god send - I’ve even done some remote mixing sessions for clients with it. The Aida cameras are fantastic - great video quality without the bulk of a typical ILC. I also upgraded from the ATEM mini to the ISO model since this makes recording tutorials for students a breeze. Once we are allowed to have recitals again I plan to live stream to a private channel so students can share with friends and relatives that otherwise could not attend.

Oh, the mic is an AEA R84. Being a recording studio I have plenty of high end mics to choose from. The R84 is a ribbon mic with great proximity - which means I can place it up out of the way and not sound thin. It also sounds great on acoustic guitars (electric’s send a direct signal through a Fractal Audio processor).

Edit: almost forgot - I repurposed my stage lights (LED Pars) for video lights. You can see two of them i in the pic.

If you have audio questions, please feel free to hit me up.


very professional, my congratulations