Atem Mini, whats next

Hi all!
Today we have Atem mini while streaming. It is a good device, although it has its limitiations, mostly the limitied inputs. If you are looking for a “bigger” Video switch device, what are you looking at, then ? The Atem Television Studio HD or is it a bit outdated? Is it best to wait for Atem Television studio HD (Next gen)?

What I would like for features is:
8 inputs
3 outputs
1 Mutliview
USB-webcam output
builtin streaming
In 1 rack unit. (19" is ok)

Yea what you describe is exactly what I’m waiting for. I juggle 2 atem minis when I need more inputs but it’s a right faff. But I don’t wanna get the Televsion HD because it doesn’t have the webcam or streaming. I suppose I could combine the TV HD, if I got one, with one of the minis.

Jon - That’s actually my plan currently. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done with it, but basically I’m using the TV studio to be my main inputs and switcher, then the Mini Pro as a streaming base and then also using it for lower thirds/ other graphics to buy another DSK. Also have an “emergency out” in the media player on the Mini just in case something dramatically terrible goes wrong.

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Right, I can see some nice features of that setup. It does add the webcam feature as well - although I’ve been having trouble with the audio dropping from mine and makes me very nervous the whole time I’m using it!. So much so that I’m considering the TV studio and Web Presenter as a possible combination for Zoom type conferencing, but keeping the ATEM Pro for streaming to the web.
Do you convert one of the SDI outputs of the TV studio to go into the Atem Mini in your setup?

The part that I don’t love about the Web Presenter is that (last I checked) it was 720 only… so dealing with that for switching to get to 1080 would be a pain.

Is your audio dropping ONLY in Zoom or in other applications too?

Yes, I convert from SDI to HDMI via a MicroConverter