ATEM Mini travel rig

I really like looking at other peoples rigs, it gave me a lot if ideas for my own rig. I build my rig over the last two month after thoroughly planning it. Today i made some pictures.

On the back are all the connection from the ATEM and the audio mixer on a patch panel. For internet connection i use a 4G router, that can also be used when i get internet from an ethernet cable from the client.

The camera’s that i use are Sony A6000 and A6500. They are connected through a HDMI-SDI converter that is powered with a powerbank that also powers the camera. The SDI cable gets plugged into the build in SDI-HDMI converters trough the path panel in the rig. The HDMI-output from these converters are on the patch panel as well. So i can choose any input to connect to on the ATEM. This also gives me the ability to connect HDMI sources such as laptops if i need to.

The MSI screen is very nice, its affordable and has great image quality. The power for this screen is coming from USB-C.

The rig has a very low power consumption of around 40W, this gives me the opportunity to power it with a pure sine wave 12V inverter from the battery of my car. Together with the 4G router it’s a fully portable rig.

Well i hope you like me rig and maybe helps you with some ideas for your own rig.


Just one power cord needed!

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Sliding tray close-up. There is also a drawer above the audio mixer were i store my screen and some patch cables.

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The power pack for camera and HDMI-SDI converter.

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Two cold shoes for two lave mics.

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I like it. This is very close to what I need to make. I like your method of supporting your screen simple but effective, did you make that or is it something you bought?

Hi, Jon, ik made it myself as a first model. I’m now have someone make me a 3D model from it and will see how it turns out if i have it 3D printed. If this goes well ik wil post it here.

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This is a nice setup! Is that a full or half depth Gator case? I’m having a hard time finding a 1ru drawer like that. Where did you find it?

Thanks Walter! It is a full size 6U case. The drawer is from this company:

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