ATEM mini Pro with LTE-Router

I bought a TP-link mr600 router and a mobile sim card for internet. the router doesn’t work with my mobile internet. I use 4G as failover for my normal internet connection. But I cannot stream to youtube with the AMP. the “on air” keeps blinking red. its only a problem in LTE mode. Other services like twich are working fine. and also with obs on my computer I can stream to youtube. Only the AMP cannot stream directly to youtube.
Does anyone have experienced similar issus or know how to fix this?

I have a Netgear M1 (MR1100) 4G/LTE modem with UK 02 SIM directly connected to the AMP with LAN, but there is no problem with any stream.

As you wrote the problem is only in LTE mode, which means to me it’s ok on 3G?

Thanks @peterbmaraczi for tuning in… got to hear, that the M1 should work.

No, 3G doesn’t work either. The support form tp-link suggested to use 3G over 4G. But with LTE mode I mean just the mobile connection. I can use the MR600 in “Wireless router mode”, just connect the WAN port to a lan cable and create my own wired/wireless network. so it works great. Then I can use the mobile sim as failover… but till now, without luck.