ATEM Mini Pro when Authentication is Required (eg. DaCast)

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Because we stream weddings and events with licensed music, we have to use a live stream service that won’t flag us or shut down the stream when that music is recognized like Youtube or Facebook Live would. So we went with DaCast as they were a pretty reasonably priced option. (I’m open to other options)

DaCast says it’s service works with any RTMP encoders. However, they do require authentication. Nowhere in the ATEM software is there any box for authentication login/password. In the past we’ve used a Teradek Bond II as our encoder to get the stream out and there’s a box in their Core Software for Stream URL, Stream Key and then login/password all of which DaCast provides. Done! It works.

But I’d love to use the ATEM Mini Pro as the encoder instead as an all-in-one solution. So I went to the XML for the ATEM Mini Pro and tweaked that (thank you John) but couldn’t yet get it to work with authentication. Blackmagic offered the following advice:

Here are some examples of what the URL is supposed to look like with authentication and without.

URL without Authentication:

URL with Authentication:

I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong but I haven’t been able to get it to work yet. I can get DaCast to show up on the software control panel, and I just copy/paste/swap Youtube’s URL stream for the one given to me by DaCast. But when I enter the Stream Key (which DaCast calls stream name) the “on-air” light blinks and cache fills slowly and nothing goes live. Obviously it’s not working. There’s mention of a “port” in those examples above but I don’t know the port. Do I need that? If it helps…here’s the info given to me by DaCast:

Stream URL: rtmp://
(I didn’t enter in the actual numbers here in this post)

Stream Name (which they say is the Stream Key): dclive_1_150@######
(Again, I didn’t enter in the numbers here in this post but they’re the same as the ones above)

Login: xxxxxx

Password: yyyyyy

(those are two different sets of numbers provided by DaCast that I’m replacing with x and y here in this post)


I’ve tried setting up the URL in multiple ways…

Like this:


and like this:


and also with the Stream Name in the URL as well. Although I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. No luck yet and Blackmagic has basically said I should ask the forums (which I’ve done) but no luck yet. So here I am. Hopeful, yet completely baffled. If anyone knows how to do this that’d be amazing.

This one looks right, that xxx:yyy@hostname format is what you’d normally use to put a username and password in a URL. I actually went and tried this myself but didn’t have any luck.

I see the BMD forum thread would indicate this is the preferred solution too.

At this point I would go back and ask Dacast support if they’ll accept the username and password in the URL like that, since Blackmagic says it should work on that end.

Another syntax to try: ATEM with wowza

If you want to use wowza as your RTMP server with username and password this the syntax that works for me in the Settings.xml file configuring the ATEM mini pro => rtmp://<ip-address>:<port>/webcast/?<username>&<password>

I just noticed that in the latest version of the ATEM Software Control Streaming.xml file there’s a new section for providing a username and password!

	<name>Service Name</name>
			<name>Streaming High</name>
			<config resolution="1080p" fps="60">
			<config resolution="1080p" fps="30"> 
    <!-- RTMP session username and password, if required by service

Take out the little comment markers (delete the line that starts with <!-- and -->) then fill in the username and password there!

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Has anyone got this to work? I’m trying with Dacast but it doesn’t connect on either a Web Presenter HD or an Atem Mini