ATEM Mini Pro RIG: Compact, Portable, Mountable!

Some RIG INSPIRATION to make your ATEM Mini Pro kit compact, transportable, mountable…and eliminate setup time, power bricks, and long cables!

All parts are listed on my blog post -

I wanted to find a way to make my production process more efficient, as well as to add a camera, autocue, audio mixer, laptop…you know - it takes a whole “Video Village” to raise a production baby.

This rig has been continually refined over the last six months to reduce cable length, eliminate multiple power sources, and compact the footprint as much as possible. Neither did I want it permanently affixed to a case – I wanted to be able to deconstruct and re-rig it at the drop of a hat. Without tools.

Best of all, it’s highly customizable. Adapt it to your own workflow and your existing gear to build something that works for you.

I hope it inspires you and helps streamline your kit. So you can focus on producing amazing content!



That’s a lot in a small space, very impressive.