Atem Mini Pro Recording Problem

Hi All, I ve tried for twos days recording by using usb-c on T5, it was fine that I can record as long as I want on 1080p 25fps, however, if i record 1080p 50fps or above, recording can’t be stop when i record more than about 1.5 hours. I check the footage in SSD, it gave me less than 1.5 hours long footage. Does anyone get this problem two? Thank you.

Yes I experienced the same but on the same moment the stream cache was about 75% although the available bandwidth was sufficient. So I don’t know if it has to do with the stream cache or the recording problem.
Not being able to stop the recording I have seen more often.
I am also using the T5 500 Gb disk.
I formatted the drive and did a test stream and recording but cannot reproduce the error at the moment. ( I am running the latest SW level )

Thank you so much for your reply, my friend said that he can record 1080p 60fps without problem with T5, so I am really confused with it, and Im sure thats not a heat problem.

Today I did another test stream after I had problems with the stream on my last job.
After 1 hour 30 minutes the stream cache fills and both the stop stream and stop recording buttons give response until I disconnect the drive.
Did you research this problem ? Have you found a solution?
Thanks for replying

I still cant find the problem and solution, but I can record all fps without problem but not 50fps, it is so strange.

Last two jobs I used the default youtube streaming high settings and had no issues of filling cache.
The recording also was successfull.
On Youtube I set the bandwidth to auto detect instead of a fixed value ( which was an advice i got from one of the channels )
The average bandwidth came out on 6 Mb/s.
The available upload bandwidth of the internet connection was 20 Mb/s so plenty of headroom.