ATEM mini Pro - Recording and Webcam

I wonder if anyone has found a solution to use the AMP for feeding a webcam stream AND recording at the same time, without losing the multiview.

  • I thought about using the ethernet port to stream to a local rtmp server and with OBS and virtual webcam do the webcam feed. So the usb port would be available for recording. but the latency is not that great.
  • An other option would be the streaming bridge with an ultrastudio recorder (or other capture card) to bring the stream to my mac as webcam. but I’m not sure about the latency in that case?
  • For the AMP I could also use the streaming bridge for recording. In that case the latency isn’t a problem. But if I wan’t the upgrade to the AMP ISO that wouldn’t be an option.

Or are there other options? Am I missing something or are there better options than the AMP’s for this use case?

Thanks for every hint or idea.

Is there any reason to not use OBS + Virtual Cam and just enable recording on OBS alongside camera input?

It will require a fairly powerful machine, but should work fine?

(Or if you need even more flexibility, even use VMix which can present a webcam feed to Zoom/Skype AND record high bitrate, AND stream at the same time if the PC is powerful enough)

My suggestion would be to use a local rtmp server for recording (without streaming bridge and reencoding), it doesn’t require reencoding (and loss of quality) and it’s very inexpensive, can be run on a cheap laptop or even a raspberry pi. Nginx-rtmp has ability to record stream (and easy to implement web interface with a start recording button).
Then you have a free usb port for webcam-related stuff.

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Thanks @gimzo and @wing3d for your suggestions. Both are worth considering. But both are not working for the AMP ISO. But maybe the AMP (without ISO) is better for this kind of use case.

Terry Leahy made a YouTube video recently to address that issue. That has been a BIG issue for while but he has a work around that works but you need to get a black magic streaming bridge and a capture card. Since I can’t post a link in this forum to video you can search for it.

Hi Gizmo, please can you explain a bit more how to set this up?

I have the same challenge to use the USB as a webcam feed and to record the output at the same time. I thought about simply streaming to youtube and saving there. Or use the streaming bridge to feed the backup AMP and use the USB C port there to record. Can someone point me in the right direction for how to setup a local rtmp server for recording? I do have an old raspberry pi somewhere I could use.

You install nginx and nginx-rtmp plugin on you pi/pc/cloud and configure it to record (automatticaly, or make a button for it) or stream to youtube or somewhere. Then you just set your AMP to stream to it
There’s plenty tutorials on youtube (or text on web) for different platforms.

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thank you very much!