Atem mini pro - multivie

Hi All,

I need to stream in 30FOS due to bad internet connection. If I use an Atem mini pro what frame rate is the multiview out?
Seems when i try my Atem Mini output on a pc monitor the monitor says “out of range”.
What monitor is capable doing 30Hz?

Lookig to put togehter a simple set up for church, adn want to eliminate the laptop wich is doing the streaming now.

Thanks in advance.

Multiview is always the same frequency as the streaming output.
You could either get a converter to use the monitor that you have, or go for example for a “field monitor” style setup. I.e. a 7" Feelworld Monitor, comparatively cheap, this definitely can resolve the 30fps.

Thanks for the reply. Wanted a bigger monitor for monitoring.
For now I found a solution by plugin in a spare multiviewer laying arround, wich does the trick. (switch it to ch1 only but converts the signal. So that part is solved.

I have found a cheap 10inch monitor with HDMI in and headphones out in a raspberry pi monitor
works with 30FPS costs only 70 euro and willdo the job for the setup I’m making for the church