ATEM Mini Pro - Maybe I'll sell it?

I’m using a Teradek Vidiu Go to encode and live stream. I had a Roland V1HD switcher and sold it to pick up an ATEM Mini Pro. Figured it might be nice to have a backup encoder in case my Vidiu Go went down and thought it would replace my Roland switcher just fine.

But then I realized how much I miss a dedicated Program and Multiview output.

The lack of headphone jack is a bummer but I knew these things before I got it. And I can monitor my mix on a video monitor or my Vidiu Go which also has a headphone port. But if I’m using the AMP as just a switcher feeding into the Vidiu Go, it’s a pain not having 2 outputs. I’m sending the HDMI out to the Vidiu, but there’s no way to see the multiview. Is there?

I had to basically run each of our cameras into a monitor first and then pass thru to the switcher to see each feed. And if I wanna see the program out before it hits the Vidiu Go then I need yet another monitor with a pass thru. That’s a lot of extra cables and monitors.

So I’m thinking maybe I’ll sell it. Seems to be a hot sale on eBay. Maybe I’ll buy my old Roland switcher back. I don’t know.

I will miss the idea that if my Teradek goes down somehow, that I don’t have a quick back up to go live with a multicam switch. Granted I do have a Cam Link 4k so maybe I could learn OBS (never used it) and send my Roland switch thru the Cam link and OBS to my CDN.

I don’t know.

The ATEM is a hidden gem for anyone covering the current unrest in the streets. It sips power and let me do a 4 hour continuous stream.

As you describe your workflow, I can understand why you may want to sell. Could you re-engineer what you are doing to use the Atem as it is intended to be used? May not need the Teradek in that case? Or you keep it and have two different workflows for different situations one using the Atem and one using the Teradek?