ATEM Mini Pro ISO and Samsung T7 SSD

Has anyone got a fix for the ATEM mini Pro ISO and Samsung T7 SSD stopping recording after 20 or so seconds?

What SSD’s are you guys using sucessfully with the ATEM Mini Pro ISO?

Thank you!

I use Samsung T5 SSD 1TB and 2TB drives and never had a problem. What is your drive formatted to?

Its the T7 1TB formatted to exFAT.
The firmware is updated to the latest firmware.

So for the quick minute of research I did it looks like a lot of the new faster drives “1,000 MBps to 800 MBps” are having issues with the ATEM mini pros according to black magic. And it sounds like it hasn’t been resolved yet. It looks like it’s an issue with the flash memory or controller chips.
So if you need something right away, unfortunately it looks like you may need to buy something like a T5

Here’s the forum if you want to read more:

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Search for Tim Simpson on YouTube. He did a vid on this issue and confirms there is an issue with the T7 at the moment.


I went out and bought a T7, when I ordered my ISO. I was figuring that if BM supported the T5, that it would also support the T7. Bad idea! So I ended up using the T7 for the Mini Pro and for the ISO using the tip from Aaron about using an SD card reader. I can record well over a n hour on the ISO with all track set to record and the software control lets you know when or if you need to switch SD cards. Get the best/fastest 256GB SD cards or buy another drive. BM did a poor job of letting people know about what drives were supported (check out their Forum page).


I will probably end up using the T7 for convenient and fast access to my current Resolve projects (1080 of course).

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I had the same issue with my T3 SSD drive. It was fairly full at the time.
After reformatting it I had no issues.

I suspect (as its a bit older) if its too full it can’t keep up, and so the ATEM just stopes the recording if it doesn’t keep up.

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