Atem mini pro: is that live setup possible?

Hi !

I just acquired an ATEM mini pro and I am wondering how can I setup these conditions.

I’d like to shot a scene with 3 angles, 3 HDMI cabled to the ATEM. Multiview with an external monitor I guess with the HDMI output.

The shooting session will last 2 hours and I wish to simultaneously broadcast to a 50“ screen (HDMI) for our physical audience, and live stream a dozen of minutes on Youtube using OBS (usb-c ?) in the middle of the session. How can I technically achieve that ?

Thanks for your help !

Since your HDMI will be used for multiview, that means you have two other outputs available: USB-C and streaming.

You can use the USB-C output into a computer and project that computer’s display to your large 50" screen, for example using OBS. The ATEM Mini Pro can stream directly to YouTube, so it’s probably best to stream that way instead of streaming from OBS to keep the computer’s CPU usage down.


Thank you Aaron for your fast answer!

I like OBS for inserting pre rolls and animated lower thirds for the live with YouTube and I understand that the ATEM can only load stills.

Pardon my newbie questions, but if I stream directly with the ATEM, is there some tricks to easily output movies and lower thirds on chromakey from the Mac using the 4th hdmi input, considering I only have 2 hands (and a streamdeck) :upside_down_face: ?

you can use usb and obs for your streaming, and use streaming output and streaming bridge (or make your own using raspberry pi or something, not too hard to do) for screen

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While that new streaming bridge is affordable, any tutorial for your raspberry ?

Hi @Jon and welcome. For the playback of movies and lower thirds, this can be accomplished with an Hyperdeck Studio Mini and something like a Streamdeck to trigger through the ATEM Software Control.


You need to install an RTMP server on the pi, like this
just configure ATEM instead of OBS for it, then play it on the pi using omxplayer

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Thank you very much!