ATEM Mini Pro, flashing lights

Hi folks, got an ATEM mini pro hooked up in the theater, and the thing has got an issue. Whenever I power it up, the lights flash repeatedly, and the comp can’t detect that it’s on the network. Thoughts?

Have you tried directly connecting it to a computer with a USB.

Yep. The problem seems to be that the switcher console doesn’t power up completely. If it were a computer I’d say that it is getting interrupted during its boot cycle.

Check if you’re using the right power supply. It requires 3A supply I think, BMD said the original mini power supply will not work.

If that doesn’t help, RMA.

Yes, correct power supply. I’m thinking it’s overheating. It seems to be working fine a the start of day, but at some point starts freaking out. It doesn’t feel remarkably warm, but I can’t think of what else might act like that.