ATEM Mini Pro Case

Nintendo Switch Case makes an excellent case for the ATEM Mini Pro. There are many manufacturers. I went with Take Case.


Thank you for the heads up on this case. I was unable to find the exact one on Amazon UK, but I did purchase something similar (less than £9).

I have been looking at these custom pro cases for Blackmagic Design products (and others):

Has anyone purchased any of these cases? They look to be very good (albeit at some cost).

To be clear, I have no affiliation with the company. I just came across them in my research…

Hi Tim…
I own two larger Pelican cases which as you probably know are the best hard cases and are standard in the field of

production. The SKB cases are approximations of Pelicans but probably adequate for the ATEM Mini Pro. I personally would pay extra for a Pelican. I’m sure there is a size that would fit the ATEM Mini Pro well. I put my ATEM Mini Pro in its Takecase into my larger Pelican for transport.

Hi and thank you for your reply. I agree with your comments about Pelican cases - I have a couple of small ones for my camera kit. However, for my modest needs (strictly amateur) the Pelicans are overkill for my BMD kit - and so are the Inlay-Shop cases really. Nevertheless, I like to keep my kit safe and as dust-free as I can when not in use. What attracts me to the German cases is the custom inlays. When funds allow, I may just give them a try…

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