ATEM Mini Pro as capture card

I just plugged in a USB C to USB A adapter into the USB out port in the ATEM Mini Pro and connected a USB A cable into my computer and… nothing. OBS, FaceTime nor Zoom are seeing the ATEM Mini Pro as a webcam. Macbook is still only showing the internal webcam which it calls a FaceTime Camera. It doesn’t seem to be functioning like a capture card should. Recording works fine coming out of the ATEM Mini Pro USB C port. My MacBook only has USB A ports.
It is the same computer that is running the ATEM Control Software as well as the same computer that is plugged into HDMI input 3 of the Mini as a source.
Am I missing something? Please help if you can. Thanks!

They switched from USB 2.0 to USB 3.1 for the Pro so it might be that you are using the wrong USB cable! Give that a try!

How long has the ATEM Mini been running? Try rebooting it?

Thanks John. I’m using a 3.0 cable with a USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapter Cable

Recording works fine when using the adapter with a Seagate portable HD.

It was running for under an hour when I first attempted. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks Aaron. This forum is great!! I really, really, really appreciate you guys. We all do! AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapter Cable -…

Turns out using a USB C adapter and USB A cable was not okay. A $7.99 USB C to USB A cable direct connection did the trick. THANKS JOHN and AARON for your input!

P.S. Using the USB C Male to USB A Female adapter connected to an external HD is okay for recording.


Did they switch just for the Pro? My Mini doesn’t want to work when plugged into 2.0 port.