ATEM Mini Pro and monitor in a hard case

Here’s what I’ve been working on - an ATEM Mini Pro and a 24" Dell Monitor inside a rolling Pelican case (not actually a Pelican case, but same style).

I put in a rack-mount PDU and a patch panel where I can attach ethernet (there’s a small network switch under the patch panel) with Dual XLR->3.5mm, 4 HDMI In, HDMI Out and ethernet all going out to the AMP. Headphone out from the monitor also makes its way back to the AMP via the cable management so I can attach monitor the audio.

I also make my own trekpak dividers which I’m much happier with than the pick and pluck foam the case came with.

In hindsight I should have bought a slightly smaller monitor so I could use a ratchet stay to hold the lid open (but not let it overbalance). I couldn’t quite get the rachets past the monitor hence the stylish black chain on the left side.

Eventually I’d also like to add a wifi router with a 4g/5g modem so all I really need is power.

I’ve been using it with a BMPCC4K, BMPCC6K and a Sony EX1 and really enjoying it.

Comments and suggestions appreciated!



Great setup! So neat and tidy and I imagine great to work with.

Does it speed up your setting up?

Absolutely, just open up the lid, find power and plug in the cameras!

Much better than the big road case I’m used to carrying around with a seperate heavy monitor and 2 SDI cables per camera.

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Can you give me an idea of what it cost you to build that rig?

I’m think it’s around A$2500 including the AMP and a couple of 20m HDMI cables.

Looks terrific! I’m working on something similar and finding an 8" Lilliput display adequate. Are you getting a good colour match between the EX1 and your BMD cameras? How do you achieve that?

Looks great.

I like the easy set up.

It still needs a bit of work to match the cameras but not too much. The EX1 can be a bit saturated in certain lighting, but the way I’ve been using them, that’s the master “look” and the BM cameras can be remotely shaded to match.

Are you using an EX1 picture profile? I’m trying to match an EX1 with a Panasonic GH4 but not quite getting there yet. Any advice?

Thanks for this. Great work and exactly the kind of setup I’m in the planning stages of setting up at the moment. Keep us posting on how you’re getting along with it.

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Not really, I’ve been lucky so far.

I really like the cable wrap! Looks really clean

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For wifi I’ve been using the Peplink models. But here’s the important features:

  • WiFi upstream
  • Multicast support
  • rendezvous / ndi support

For my battery powered use I also need DC power input (wide voltage helps, 12V).


How does the monitor attach to the case lid?

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With one of these wall TV mounts:

I put in some aluminium brackets into the lid (some cases have screw mounting points) and attached the mount to that.

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Wow. This looks awesome! @1updigital what monitor are you using for this? Looks something like an U2419H

Absolutely correct - good sletuhin’!

I love this rig and have been working on one myself. Thanks for sharing and giving me a few ideas. Also, I’m totally digging the old school, floor model TV in the background. lol Again, thanks for sharing. This is awesome.

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Just watching Caleb Pike and his new build - and it’s for the Atem Mini series…