ATEM mini ISO - record and stream at same time via usb?

Has anyone managed to connect a USB hub to the ATEM output and simultaneously tether a phone for streaming AND connect an SSD for recording? I was going to give it a go with this device (Amazon link to Belkin hub), but it doesn’t support pass through charging, so don’t know if it would keep the phone battery alive or not.

In both streaming and recording the ATEM is the USB host, so it seems it should be possible with a USB hub, just need to find the right hub to try it with.


If I am understanding the question correctly, I do not believe that is possible with the original ISO and Pro. I think that would run into the same issue as trying to record via the hub and simultaneously use it as a webcam.

I’ll try to remember to check it at some point, but I think you need to upgrade to one of the Extremes with 2 usb-c ports to do what you are aiming for. Then you can use one for a tethering and the other port for a hub full of ssds.

Thanks. Trying to record and use the device as a webcam requires the ATEM to be both a USB host and a USB client, so that obviously doesn’t work without 2 USB ports. What I’m trying to do - stream to a tethered phone and record at the same time is at least theoretically possible because in both cases the ATEM is the host, not a client. Now there could be other barriers, hence my question, but at least conceptually it could work because the ATEM is the controller in both cases and both the phone and SSD would be clients of the ATEM. Unfortunately I don’t have a USB-C hub, so was hopeful someone had tried it and could report back.