ATEM Mini - In Action

Here’s the ATEM Mini running the show at an event recently! I can’t believe I ever needed to carry about the bigger ATEM Television Studio HD, just to get extremely similar results!

Also pictured…

  • Atomos Ninja V (for recording the PGM)
  • BMD Video Assist (backup for the presentation)
  • Zoom H6 (just off-screen and recording the audio)
  • Canon XA11 and G25 (capturing all the angles!)

So exciting! This is so much more compact than all our flight case rigs before!

Hi, I have just bought the Atem min and already have a ninja v recorder.

Can you please give me a rundown of your recording settings / workflow with the ninja v in conjunction with the atem mini.

What was the recording like bit-rate wise?
Also what is the DI box used for?

Also abit off topic, if I plug an iPad (air 2) into the atem mini, will it be 1080p 16:9? Or it have black bars and not fill the frame?

Great work you are doing on YouTube, been a sub for a while now :slight_smile:


I have set up the Ninja V to record Pro Res so the file sizes are huge. I’d much rather h.264 since I don’t do much editing with these files anyway.

The DI box is used as often I will get a ground hum from plugging into a venues audio system. I’m able to remove that hum with the DI box.

Finally I do believe you will get black bars from the iPad since it does not have a 16:9 screen. I have the IPad Air 1 and have black bars on that.

My Radial Ice Cube never fails to remove those pesky ground hums I often encounter.
Loving this forum John. You are a coder, designer and all around guy extraordinaire!!

Thanks Zach - gotta give @aaronpk all the credit for code and design on this one though :smiley:

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