ATEM Mini Extreme ISO Dual Screen Case

It only took 8 months, 12 different designs, and learning from everyone on here about your builds.

Well it didn’t catch on fire and the client was supper happy with the results of the shoot.
Everything packs away under the cover and so nice not having to carry around and set up 2 monitors. Open the lid, move the ATEM mini on to the cover, flip the power, and add any imputs.

Would love to have a patch board with the converters, splitter, or hdmi matrix wired directly up but I also know I will be always modifying the set up. Now on to the next live gig to see what I can break.

Thank you everyone one for your knowledge and sharing your builds.


Great rig! What monitors are those?

They are HP VH240a. I wanted somthing cheaper incase the build didn’t work out and I cracked a screen. They are only 300 nits so outside in the sun would not work. But inside they work fine.

Here is the build during an event in a park.