ATEM Mini Extreme ISO - DOA

Hello everyone

Has anyone else received their Extreme ISO and it is faulty? Out of the box, mine had issues with the LEDs on the 1-8 input buttons. Button 3 LEDs would light up dimly when other buttons in the 1-4 were lit up, and button 7 would light up dimly when buttons 5-8 were active. Also, the DSK1 button was half the brightness of the other buttons. Another issue was the bus: if DSK1 was selected, color1 and color2 caused the leds in 1-8 to dim.

All very odd. BMD support said they were aware of the fault and have collected mine for assessment/repair/replacement.

Naturally, very disappointing. Currently without an ATEM mini :frowning:

@TimCUK we received two ATEM Ex ISOs 3days ago and one had quite a similar problem.
The only difference was that our #3 key was lit half white and half green.

Yup!!! it is apparently a known issue with some units.
Returned to B&H for another.

Hi. That sounds similar to mine - half white, half either green or red depending what the other button is set to. Seems to be in two groups 1-4 (button 3 affected) and 5-8 (button 7 affected). I wonder if it was a particular batch that has the issue?

Not sure @TimCUK.
You are one of four persons that I am aware of, that has experienced the said problem.

I haven’t received mine yet. Should be here in the next few days and hopefully without issues. However there have been a number of reported issues with the Extreme ISO. One was that half of the Select Bus buttons were upside down. Others reported of issues with rattling inside. BMD has acknowledged that QOS for the ISO has been sub par.

I’m guessing the pressure to get these out quickly on the factory lead to a lot of oversights.

It’s a great shame, but hopefully it’s teething issues around Quality Control. BMD have acknowledged the issue with mine and it is being replaced. Not yet shipped. Hopefully this one will be problem free.

Fingers crossed… @TimCUK

You would think they would verify the new one is in working condition considering the known Quality control issues they are aware about.

Mine shipped today and I’m praying it is trouble free when It arrives on Monday.

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I finally received a replacement unit yesterday - a month after my original purchase! Having sold my Mini ISO, I have been without an ATEM for a month. The good news is that this unit seems to be working fine - none of the issues with the LEDs.

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